Origami Epicness book 2: BY SAM

Chapter 1 : A new story

by Sam

okay. Our last story finished. If you didn’t read it, I am not telling you what happened. Basically, this new story is narrated by our siblings. Lets start with Zack and Olivia’s, Annie.

Chapter 2: Intro.

by Annie

Okay. let me tell you everything. My friends and I go to this messed up school called Mapleton Elementary school. Principal Greene is all mean. She canceled the Elective classes. I have lots of friends in my class. All the girls are my friends. Except Carly. I just hate her. She is a snot, she is annoying, and she only likes origami. Everyone in the school likes origami!!! Okay. The boys just love Carly. They are like Let me kiss you and I love you! I am disgusted out by even talking about it! Let me move on! I think I’m about to throw up!!!

Chapter 3: My class

by Carly

My class is awesome!!! First, we got Steve. He’s a bit cranky sometimes, but he’s okay. Then, we got Ethan. He’s all nice, but he hates school. Then, we got Amanda. She always cry  when someone says a negative comment about her. Then, we got Annie. She hates me, and origami. Then, we got Nancy. She’s all mean and stuff, and she has a little sister named Lily, and they hate each other. This is all you need to know about my class. Now let’s- Oh wait! I forgot about Eugene and Ivan!!! They are really weird and everyone calls them “the twin nerds.” Now that’s all you need to know about my class. Let’s continue on with Nancy explaining about her sister, and problems with her.

Chapter 4: Problems at home

by Nancy and Lily

Okay, my little (potty word) sister is named Lily (Lily’s comment: I am awesome!) (My comment: no you’re not so shut up!!!) (Lily’s comment: You shut up! Let me explain!) (My comment: Fine, as long as you don’t write potty words in your stuff!) (Lily’s comment: Alright, (potty word)) Lily’s situation: I made this origami knight. I called it “Sir Bobington the Awesome.” One day, I left it in my room, and Nancy stole it from me and she turned it into “Sir Bobingham the Bloodsucker.” She turned my origami into a vampire knight! I wrote potty words all over Nancy’s chapters and library books as a payback. It turned out that she became as angry as I was! (My comment: So? I don’t care, you (potty word)! Well the reason some parts are potty words because Lily wrote potty words in my chapters and (potty word) in purple crayon!!!) (Lily’s comment: SO? I DON’T CARE EITHER! SHUT UP OR I’LL RIP THIS CHAPTER UP!!!) (my comment: SHUT UP OR I’LL BE CALLING THE FBI!!!) *rest of chapter ripped off because of Lily’s dumbness.

Chapter 5: Annie tells off

by Carly

Recently, I gave Annie an origami wonder woman. I expected a huge reaction, and that’s what I got. This is what happened: I gave Annie the wonder woman during recess, in the classroom. When I gave it to her, she gave it a look like it was chocolate covered poop!!! Then, she threw the wonder woman in the class shredder!!!! I took a step back, and the shredder made a sound, and it blew up. I ran out of the classroom, and Annie yelled at me this: “I hate origami, and you know it!” Suddenly, Mrs. Jones, my teacher came in the classroom. (To make a long story short: Annie had to go to ISS, and the wonder woman survived.)

Chapter 6: the new student

by Amanda

Our class is having a new student today!!! His name is Jimmy!!! Carly is his welcome guide (sucks 😡 !!!) Well, I think Jimmy has a crush on Carly!!! So stupid!!! Carly is so stupid!!! Origami is so stupid!!!

Chapter 7: ISS

by Annie

Carly tried to give me one of her worthless pieces of origami, but I threw it in the shredder. I never knew the shredder would blow up!!! Now here I am , in ISS because Mrs. Jones thought I blew up the shredder on PURPOSE!!! Mrs. Greene yelled at me and gave me whippings!!! That’s what basically happens in ISS in my school! I am going to sue the school!

Chapter 8:  The fight

by Jimmy

Being the new student sucks so much! Like, Everyone stares at me in the hall. I am also a fantastic target for bullies. Kids call me ” Wimpy Jimmy” and “Jimmy Recess baby”( I am always looking forward to recess.)  Eugene and Ivan, the nerds just ignore me. Today at lunch, I was sitting with Carly. Annie, Amanda, Nancy, and a bunch of other girls  I don’t know came. They threw punches at Carly and I . We kicked them. We were sent to ISS.

Chapter 9: What happened

by Carly

Mrs. Greene tried to give us whippings in ISS, and she ended up getting sued by the FBI, because there was secret surveillance cameras hiding in the office. To make a long story short, Mrs. Greene got fired.

Chapter 9: Weird things happen

by Jimmy

So at lunch, Carly and I heard the two nerds talking. this is their conversation

Ivan: We have to be ready!

Eugene: Yes, we have to destroy them!

Ivan: Eugene! Are you sure no one is eavesdropping?

Eugene: Yes, I’m sure.

Ivan: Then how come those two origami freaks are staring at us with eyes as big as eggs and their mouths wide open, like drool is going to come out?

Eugene: You’re right. Let’s get out of here.

End of conversation

Chapter 10: Doom

by Steve

Today was the worst day of my life! Here’s what happened.

Setting: Mrs. Jones’ third grade classroom.

Mrs. J.: What is 7 squared?

An explosion is heard form the classroom

Jimmy: What is that?

Carly: I think terrorists are attacking our school!

Ivan: Yes! the battle has come.

Carly: Hey! Are you nerds in the dark side?

Eugene: No!

Ivan: Plus, we are not nerds.

Jimmy and Carly tackles Eugene and Ivan

Mrs. J.: Hey! that is unacceptable! Time for a whipping!

Mrs. J. whips Jimmy and Carly. A police officer walks in.

Officer: Hey! You are under arrest for child abuse!

Officer handcuffs Mrs. J. and he walks out with her. There is a loud explosion outside. Everyone screams.

Chapter 11: The cause of explosion

by Carly

A guy outside of the classroom kicked the window and broke it. He said his name was Billy Larry. He said he was shooting missiles at the school. He left after that.

Chapter 12: Bad news

by Carly

Bad news: Annie plotted with Eugene and Ivan shortly after the last chapter.

Chapter 13: More bad news

by Jimmy

Nancy is plotting with Billy Larry, and she’s using Lily to make origami to destroy the world.

Chapter 14: Annie’s explanation

by Annie ( of course)

Fine Carly, I will tell you why I hate origami, as long as you let me comment on the rest of the chapters. This is why: I used to go to a school called Forkston Elementary school, and The kids there bullied me and got me in trouble so much times using their stupid Origami! I Swore to god that I will never like origami, and I transported myself to this school! That’s why, Carly, so don’t ask me any more of your stupid questions!

Chapter 15: The battle

by Carly

The next day, Billy Larry attacked our school. These guys named Tom and Gavin came to help us. I’ll only tell you this. (Annie’s comment: ??????)

Chapter 16: What happened next

by Jimmy

Billy Larry was raging at Tom and Gavin. A man came over to whip Billy Larry. The police came to arrest Billy Larry. That man is now our new principal. Say hi to Principal Larry! ( Annie’s Comment: Did you morons notice that Principal Larry is Billy Larry’s father?)

Chapter 17: Beating Nancy

by Carly

Nancy suddenly came and tackled Jimmy. She threw some punches at him. Principal Larry came and he whipped Nancy. To make a long story short, Nancy was expelled from Mapleton. ( Annie’s Comment: Nancy deserved it.)

Chapter 18: Conclusion

by Jimmy

Dear Diary,

        Billy Larry is in jail, we have a new principal, Nancy is expelled. This is a perfect Ending. I heard Eugene and Ivan are on the missing child section on the newspaper. This is the best ending ever! Wait, is that Sir Bobingham the Bloodsucker spying on me?


Jimmy Clark

(last name seems familiar, huh?)

(Annie’s comment: Yeah, you’re that origami freak Jackson’s little broth. Why didn’t I notice?)

to be continued….


13 thoughts on “Origami Epicness book 2: BY SAM

    • I already got book 3 planned out. It is mostly a girl story, but it wouldn’t hurt to add another boy. The boys barley get a role.

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