Origami Awesomeness The Final Chapter (BY JACKSON)

The Army Part 1 Ch 1

by Jackson

When we got to his school Malcolm immediately scheduled a meeting. Nick Foldy had the security there. When I got there we started creating our army. Me and Pete had the Job of clone troopers. Jake and Ben were doing SHEILD agents. Malcolm and DT were making police officers. Everyone else worked on stationing our army.

The Army Part 2 Ch 2

by Marcus

I made a Docter doom while we were creating our army. Darth Maul never returned. Leo and Jerry were working on a Hydra army while everyone else were doing different storm trooper models.

Clash Ch 3

by Nick Foldy

My team had gathered in the front lines we saw the opposing army strut toward us. We started shooting. The battle began.

Order 66 Ch 4

by Jacob Minch

I ordered my Papertine to finish off the jedi. I heard confusion and I loved it.

The Battle Ch 5

by Yoda

Me and Ghost Rider were destroying like half their army when our army started shooting at us. Our clones had gone rogue! SHIELD started sending more agents for backup. Ghost Rider seemed to get very very tense. He rode away on his bike. It was just me alone not with a partner. Spider-Fold came out of nowhere and picked me up. I started realizing what was happening Darth Maul and Savage Opress had a paper shredder and were mowing right through our army. I jumped off the treehouse and started fighting Darth Maul and Savage. Ghost Rider appeared out of nowhere. He told me Papertine was right behind us… and sure enough he jumped on he shredder. “This Papertine’s shredder now he yelled” and beheaded Savage Opress. Darth Maul began fighting Ghost Rider and I started fighting Papertine. I accidentally stepped on the brake button and the shredder jurked back flinging Papertine to his doom.



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