The Origamians 3 (BY JACKSON)

Ch 1 Star Trek

Spock and Commander Kirk were the only trekkies who survived order 66. They had escaped in Enterprise and didn’t know if they’re friends were alive… or dead. They had a mission. Their number one enemy Khan was slowly rising in power. The world was ruled by evil and villains were trying to gain votes and become leader of the world. Khan was doing great. Khan hated Kirk and sworn revenge on him years ago. Spock and Kirk had to watch out for Khan had followers that came out every few days in hopes of destroying Kirk.

Ch 2 Fold of the Rings Part 1

Frodo, Pippin, Merry, and Sam ran from the HQ. Azog shot toward them, riding on a Warg. Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn followed. Azog jumped off the Warg and hit Aragorn as hard as he could with the face of his axe. Aragorn flew backwards. The ring fell off Azog’s neck and Frodo caught it. Two orcs captured Pippin and Merry. Frodo and Sam ran. That was two weeks ago. That was during order 66.

Ch 3 Fold of the Rings Part 2

Frodo and Sam had been looking to destroy the ring for days. It had driven Frodo almost to insanity. Gollum became their only guide. Sam hated it. Frodo was more tolerant but that was because he felt pity for Gollum.

Ch 4 Fold of the Rings Part 3

Pippin and Merry ended up being stuck with trees as company. Treebeard was boring to the hobbits but it was ok. The trees were preparing for an attack on Isengard because Sauroman had betrayed them.

Ch 5 Fold of the Rings Part 4

Aragorn had grown in power over the two weeks away from his friends. He had Rohan and the Elves at his aid. But he was still a bit uneasy at the fact that both the Urik-Gami and Orcs were coming ready to battle. He saw them all marching toward the base Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas were at. The battle began. Arrows flew toward and from the base. Aragorn was losing. But then something unexpected happened.

Part 6 Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow stunk at his job. His crew was attacked by cannibals and orcs and Urik-Gami. His enemy, Davy Jones was very close to being ruler of the world and he lost the heart. He and Will ran from the cannibals and found orcs. Clearly at a battle, he fought…

Aragorn watched as over one hundred cannibals stampeded toward two men who looked pretty shooken up. Total face palm. The orcs stopped a second to see what was happening and started to attack the men, who were great at sword fighting. The men eventually got to the base and introduced themselves as Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. Aragorn retreated after another while of losing.


A cloaked figure ran into the sewers after being chased by what seemed like a million stormtroopers. The figure destroyed each one. He sensed a ninja presence in the sewers so he went in. A giant rat greeted him and said “My turtles, the chosen one I talked about has come” he then paused and looked at the cloaked figure “Saber, welcome to our home we are in hiding. I am Splinter. These are my turtles Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo. ” he pointed at four turtles then he pointed at two people one was a woman one was a man wearing a hockey mask “these are our friends, April and Casey”.

Ch 7 Star Wars

Luke Skywalker and his friends, Han, Leia, and Chewbacca were the last hope for the light side’s return. But they were stuck in Isengard. They were held captive.

Ch 8 How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Camicazi were captured at Isengard again and therefore in an air vent. Hiccup’s enemy, Alvin had taken his friends as slaves and now he, his friends, and his two dragons were stuck in another mess. Wodensfang and Toothless were both tiny dragons about the size of Hiccup’s head.

Ch 9 Superheroes (not really a chapter only one sentence)

The Justice League and the Avengers had come together and were getting ready to attack Isengard to destroy Sauron.

Ch 10 Isengard again

The superheroes, the elves, the riders of Rohan, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, the trees, Pippin, and Merry had all attacked Isengard at once. Iron Man and Superman flew toward the two towers and shot at them continually but nothing happened. Suddenly the towers fell down and Sauron was destroyed. Origandalf sent eagles toward where the destruction of the ring could be. The battle continued. The new group of Origamians was victorious and saved the captives.


WHO WILL BECOME RULER OF THE WORLD? Will it be Khan, the Emperor, Alvin, Darth Vader, Darksied, Davy Jones or will it be someone else  READ BOOK 4 TO FIND OUT


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