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Ask anything here and Yoda will answer.


69 thoughts on “Ask Yoda

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  1. Yoda, I heard they are bringing back a lot of the original characters for the new SW movies… are you going to be in them?

  2. Takes place after the events of Battle of Endor it will.
    Jackson’s Interpretation: It takes place after episode 6: Return Of The Jedi

    • Watch more antibullying movies you must. Let them make you sad you musn’t. Stand up to them without violance you must. Answer violance is not. Hide origami you can, when over bus ride is you can unhide them. Pockets you must put them in. Subdue to bullying you can’t.

  3. Awesome Jackson is. Listen to important things he does. Listen to nonsense he doesn’t. Listen to things that make no sense he doesn’t.

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