Origami Epicness 3 (BY SAM)

Ch. 1 Intro again

by Sam

Okay. The last story was confusing. First there is a bunch of third graders who love origami, and then some nerds who go into battle. I will not recap what happened in the last book, so now it’s time to start a new story. This story will be in another school, called Forkston Elementary school. Let’s start with this kid named-( From the girls: Hey! let us do the main parts in this story! Why aren’t you thinking of the girls?) (Me: Alright. You can do most of this story as long as you let me comment on your stories. I am thinking of the girls.) (The girls: Alright then! Lets start! Who should we start with?) (Me: I don’t know!… I know! how about let’s start with the smartest out of all of you!) (The girls: okay! That’s probably Sophia!)

Ch.2 Forkston

by Sophia

Our school sucks! It was good when Annie was around, but now it is totaly boring! Kevin Magee, our classmate who is totaly stupid, bothers us every day! Our principal, Mr. Wilk, kicks us in detention! He makes our lunch ladies make terrible stuff! If anyone planning on coming here is reading this, pleases, dont come!

Ch.3 Kevin Magee

by. Annie

Ha! you thought I wasn’t going to talk in this story, but I am! Kevin is a total dork that thinks he is smart. He even got one plus one wrong! He said one plus one was eleven! Such a jerk!


4 thoughts on “Origami Epicness 3 (BY SAM)

  1. Sam if it is possible I would like Chrom ( a character from the video game Fire Emblem : Awakening ) to be used by a new character. P.s if you do not no who Chrom is search him on the internet.


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