The Origamians 4

Saber’s Return Ch 1

Saber and TFNT read the news.


During a recent battle in Isengard with what people now think are the Origamians we have finally gotten the news and an interview. An army of wanted origami who are accused of being in the original origamians raided Isengard. After a huge battle Isengard was taken over. The two towers of Isengard were also destroyed. What does this mean. well first it means the ring has been destroyed and second that Sauron has fallen. The new owners of Isengard are allowing old members to come back to join.

Interview with Darth Paper

Q Are you surprised at all of this move by the Origamians?

A No.

Q Why?

A Because that’s exactly what I would of done if I were still on the team

Q What trouble did this cause for you?

A None.

Q Why?

A Because all it did was knock Sauron, Sauromon, and Azog out of the campain.

Q Why?

A Because Azog has now been accused of letting them get the ring, Sauron’s dead, and Sauromon lost his base.

Q Why didn’t…

A Next time you say why, and I will see to you being in my dungeon!


Saber and the TFNT gathered their things and headed to Isengard. When they got there the riders of Rohan were guarding the entrance.
“Name?” one asked.
“Um… uh… It’s the TFNT… and Saber the Chosen One.” Raphael said.
Saber took of his cloak to reveal his ninja suit. The riders let them in. A new age had begun. Saber would lead the Origamians to greatness. Read more to find out how.

Who is The Chosen One? Ch 2

by Saber

I walked through the gate. I heard an announcement on the speekers.
“Hello, Origamians. We are pleased to say that the Chosen One has recently arrived. We will not tell you who he is but we will have him in battle to prove it to you”
I heard whispers in the crowd, but I kept walking toward our new castle we’d made. I was told to come to the meeting in a cloak. I was Chosen One but nobody knew. A representative of each clan would come to the meeting. I would be at the head of the table that read: Chosen One. But I would where a cloak and a hood.

The Meeting Ch 3

by Aragorn

Here’s a list of the people coming:

Gimli representing Dwarves
Legolas representing Elves
Me representing Rohan
Frodo representing Hobbits
Thorigami representing Asgard
Iron Man representing the OriAvengers
Superman representing the Justice League
Hiccup representing the Vikings
Will Turner representing the Pirates
Luke Skywalker representing the Jedi
The Fortune wookie representing the Wookies
Tonto representing the Camanche
The Lone Ranger representing the Texas Rangers
Splinter Representing the TFNT
Harry Potter representing the Wizards
Percy Jackson representing the Olympians
Nick Foldy representing SHIELD
????, The Chosen One

Me: Okay this meeting is in order! As you know two hours ago we were told that Alvin the Treachorous was douved ruler of the world. This is Hiccup’s nemesis so now we should hear from him.

Hiccup: What to say about Alvin? Well he hates me and will try enslaving the world to gain power. I don’t know if you know that he enslaved the Vikings!

Everyone: (Gasp!)

Hiccup: He has also enslaved the Hobbits, the Villagers, the aliens throughout the galaxy, and more innocents such as the dragons who have began an uprising against Alvin! We must fight for the slaves!

Everyone: YEAH!!!!!!!!!

The Chosen One: Yes, I am watching the future. We will free the slaves but only if our whole army goes. I see that we fail the first but if we don’t have the first battle we lose the war. It is important but I can’t see why. Gather the soldier we have no time!

The Battle Part 1 Ch 4

by Saber

Our army went riding on ships, horses, cars, mortorcycles, dragons and foot to the enemy base. I flew with Superman, Iron Man, and others who fly. We clashed. I took out my sword and spotted Mr Purple. He took out a Dark Sword. we fought. I punched his face with brass knuckles on. I killed two orcs that were near me and watched Mr Purple take out a chain saw. I broke it with heat vision and used several Martial Arts techniques until he fell. I finished him off with a Ninja Star.

The Battle Part 2 Ch 5

by Hiccup

I sword fought my way through but I knew we’d lose. I watched death around me as I killed orcs. The a Urik Hai hit me from behind… I woke up in cell. “Well Well Well, look at what the cat dragged in.” Alvin said.

The Battle Part 3 Ch 6

by Saber

I watched the battlefield around me we were all being destroyed.  I closed my eyes and used my other senses. I heard a loud sound from the sky. I opened my eyes and saw a ship with the word Enterprise on it.

The Battle’s End Ch 7

by Commander Kirk

When everyone was boarded I looked at Captain Origamica. “Miss me?” I said. He smirked and told us about what had recently been happening.  I told Spock to go to Isengard. Then a girl came up to me and said “Commander, we have a missing person! He’s our only hope of winning! He was going to tell us how to stop Alvin! He’s the only one who knows how to! Hiccup was in the council we have to save him!”. “She’s right Hiccup never told us we were going to do his plan tommorow” Captain Origamica said. Than Spock ran toward me. “Kirk, Isengard has been blown up!” he said.



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