The Origamians 2 (BY JACKSON)

Whatever happened to Bilbo? Ch 1

Bilbo walked his house which was built on a swamp. He watched the grave that held Thorin and remembered the adventures they had. He looked at his mail box he knew would be empty. Wait! It wasn’t empty! He looked inside and found a Newspaper and a letter. He read the Newspaper

Bilbo Baggins, now at the anniversary of his death would be proud to hear that Foldo, his nephew has joined the Origamians. Foldo who used to live at his Uncle’s old home says “I will honor Bilbo’s memory by never giving up and saving the captives from Isengard!” In this quote he is talking about the captives, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Samwise Gamgee, Peregrin Took who is more commonly known as Pippin, and Meriadoc Brandybuck who is usually referred to as Merry, who were captured in one of the several missions based on the One Ring to Rule Them All.

Bilbo stopped reading. He read the letter.

Dear Bilbo,
It might seem as a surprise to get this message because everyone thinks you’re dead but your nephew Foldo has joined the Origamians. I sent this because I thought you’d want to know.
PS I am a super spy that’s how I know you’re alive and the quest for the ring is not over.
From Nick Foldy

Bilbo quickly got his and Thorin’s swords and ran toward HQ. He brought his membership card to get in.

Back home Ch 2

By Percy

I paced back and forth thinking about what had happened in recent missions. Captain Origamica and Bucky had both fallen to their deaths. Pippin, Merry, Sam, and Hiccup were captured. I thought of the legends that are impossible to see unless you look at the Hall of Fame room. Thorin, Captain Origamica, Qui-Gon, Bucky, Junior Juniper, Bilbo… Bilbo! There he was standing right there. Are you a ghost or am I dead!?!” I shrieked. “None of the above, old friend and can you tell me where Foldo is?” he said. “Uhh in Foldy’s office” a crowd of the newer Origamians ran toward us saying stuff like “It’s the legend he’s back!” and “I saw his picture in the Hall of Fame!” Foldi-Wan and Anakin rammed through the crowd. Foldi- Wan had a look of confusion and excitement on his face. “I thought you were dead. I saw the place blow up.” Anakin said. But Bilbo was gone he ran right toward Foldy’s office. Later I saw Bilbo coming out with Foldo. Foldo had Bilbo’s sword and Bilbo had Thorin’s.

The Mission Ch 3

By Nick Foldy

I gathered my Origamians to talk about the coming mission. I told Papertine to start talking. “We are having a mission to Isengard in order to save the following captives: Samwise Gamgee, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Meriadoc Brandybuck, and Peregrin Took. The people going on the mission are Foldo and Bilbo Baggins, Aragorn II son of Arathorn, and Wolverine in Enterprise” Gasps went up from the crowd when Bilbo was mentioned.

The Battle of Isengard Part 1 of 4 Ch 4

By Camicazi

I gathered my gear and called Fishlegs. I got a hook and a rope and tied one end to Enterprise and hooked the other end to my Viking ship. When Enterprise shot forward we followed. When we got to Isengard we were greeted by an army of Urik-Gami, but that was nothing compared to Aragorn’s rage. “How dare you sneak on with us?! You could have gotten killed!” he yelled. I cut through my enemies with the team at my side and Fishlegs hiding behind me.

The Battle of Isengard Part 2 of 4 Ch 5

By Wolverine

I clawed through the Urik-Gami until I got to the tower… by myself. Oops left the team behind. Oh well. Suddenly about 10,000 Urik-Gami surrounded me. I quickly called for backup as I saw my team get captured.

The Battle of Isengard Part 3 of 4 Ch 6

By Iron Fold

When we got to Isengard it was surrounded by Urik-Gami and Stormtroopers. It was me and half the Origamians. Our Clone Troopers started attacking the armies that surrounded Isengard. I was leading our fleet and our starfighters. TIEs quickly came in order to destroy us. I saw Jedi Bob shot down by one as I started to move forward. A bounty hunter jumped on Mace Foldu’s Starfighter. Mace Foldu jumped out and cut off his head. Me and the remaining members of our fleet and our star fighters ran in to the tower. The prison was right in front so we went toward it. “Wait, where’s Bilbo and Hiccup?” I asked. Aragorn seemed depressed when he said “Bilbo was killed by Urik-Gami” then he seemed surprised “Wait Hiccup? He’s right… Where’s he go. Where’d they go? Hiccup! Fishlegs! Camicazi!”

The Battle of Isengard Part 4 of 4 Ch 7

By Hiccup

Camicazi kept ranting on about what had just happened “A Bog Burglar can get out of anything!” she said. “Oh come on, there was an air vent right above us!” Fishlegs argued. Yep that’s right we’re in an air vent. We finally got to a dead end and Camicazi kicked the wall until it broke. We tumbled out and smacked into Commander Cody. “We have taken over Isengard. He said and you better get back to the ship it’s leaving soon.” We all ran toward the ship and got in.

HQ Part 1 of 2 Ch 8

By Mace Foldu

When we got back to HQ we found out it was under attack. Count Foldu jumped toward me and we fought until he sent force lightning at me. I blocked it. Percy came from behind and chopped his head off. Then Papertine got a lightsaber out and ran toward me. He was a sith!

HQ Part 2 of 2 Ch 9

By Foldi-Wan Kenobi

I stared down a t Mace Foldu’s dead body. Anakin ran toward me a fire in his eyes. I blocked his attack and watched as lava was poured into our HQ by Mr Purple. I finished Anakin of and he fell onto the lava. Then I saw a meteor shoot toward the ground miles away. It looked as if it were made out of gold. After that my clone shot at me. I quickly destroyed him.

Darth Paper Ch 10

By Emperor Papertine

After I won the battle I saved Anakin. He was now in a new armor. I named him Darth Paper!


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