Origami Epicness book 1: (BY SAM)

Chapter 1: A new start

by Sam

In case you don’t know, my name is Sam. Also, I used to go to Tolkien Middle school. Now I go to Barnes middle school. My friends also go to Barnes. Well actually, I used to go to Barnes. I’ll tell you why I am not in Barnes; after the battle, my parents, Zack and Olivia’s parents, and Abigail’s parents thought that Barnes was too dangerous, so they took us to Tippett Academy. There are not a lot of people there, but it was fine. When the school year was almost over, Olivia said this to me, “Sam, I am having a huge party tomorrow!”  I started to get excited and I told my friends.

Chapter 2: the party

by Sam

I came to the party early so I can help prepare. Zack and Olivia’s parents let me in and I said hi to Zack and Olivia. We started to set up. A little while later, Their parents had to go out and they left Zack and Olivia’s older brother, Liam in charge. After they left, Liam just yelled at us and went upstairs. We decided to continue working, but suddenly we heard a loud THUMP!!!

Chapter 3: the ambush

by Zack

When we heard the thumping sound, we began to get scared. Just then, a bunch of ninjas jumped out at us. Olivia screamed, and we all took out our origami. Suddenly, the ninjas took out their origami. We were outnumbered, and a ninja punched me in the face, and I passed out.

Chapter 4: meanwhile…

by Jackson

Hi! My school year was great and Sam invited me to go to a party! The bad thing in my school year was that Pete and I got in a fight and we are not talking to each other. Now back to the party, when I was walking to the party, a limo came and stopped next to the sidewalk. Just then, the door opened and Abigail was inside. Abigail let me inside, and I got free chips and soda. When I got to the party, The house was a mess! Just then, a bunch of ninjas came up to me and punched me in the face. “Owwwwwwwwwww!” I said. Just then, Sam came to me and said that Olivia got captured! Just then, a voice brought fear to everyone; “Zack, Olivia? did you have a food fight or somethin? If you did, I am going to tell mother and father!!!” It was Liam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 5: the rescue party

by Abigail

After Liam came, Everyone was scared. Just then, a ninja came and punched Liam in his face. Then, the ninja kicked him in his (censored). Then, the ninja left. We were scrared! Then, Liam told us to save Olivia. Then, he told us to go to Zack and Olivia’s neighbors house. I realized that their neighbors were some kids in Tippett Academy, Tom, Gavin, and Ashley. After we came to their house, they told us to form a rescue party and they will help us! I am so excited!!!

Chapter 6: solo battle in Bullyville

by Olivia

When I was captured, I was so scared! The ninjas took me into a warehouse, and they took my Batgirl, and threw it in the shredder! I became upset, and I cried. The ninjas punched me and threatend to take my storm trooper if I kept on crying. Just then, I decided to use my storm trooper to escape. After, it helped me escape from the ninjas, they came to me and took out their origami ninjas. Then, I punched the ninjas in the face and I threw all the origami ninjas in the shredder. Then, I ran outside, and I found myself in Bullyville.

Chapter 7: the traitor

by Jackson

Tom and Gavin told us that Olivia was stuck in Bullyville. When we got to Bullyville, Pete jumped out at me and took out his origami Ghost Rider. He said, “Jackson, you are the biggest jerk I’ve ever seen. Origami Yoda will die!!!” I was scared. Then, Origami Ghost Rider beat Pete up and Pete ran away.  Ashley chased him. We continued to search for Olivia.

Chapter 8: Night of the Purple Princess

by Ashley

I recently made my own origami model. I called it the purple princess. It likes hugging and it claims to love everyone. Gross! When I went with the rescue party, I brought my purple princess with me. When Pete’s ghost rider beat him up, I took out my purple princess and I chased Pete off. Now now more Pete for you! (By the way, my purple princess hugged Pete right in the face!!!)

Chapter 9: Showdown at Burger King

by Tom

Gavin and I ran away when Pete came. We were both hungry, so we stopped by at the nearest Burger King. While we were eating, a Jabba the Puppet started stealing everyone’s burgers. My Plo-Koon and Gavin’s Spock told us that we needed to battle, so I picked up my burger and threw it at the Jabba. Gavin done the same, and it fell in the trash. Then, a trash man came into Burger King and he took out all the trash. Such a perfect day for a Jabba!

Chapter 10: Pete’s revenge

by Jackson

As we continued on, we found Olivia wandering around. She was happy to see us, and she took Ghost Rider. We suddenly heard an evil laugh, and we saw Pete behind us. “Ha ha ha, you got away from me last time, but you will not this time!” he said. Pete took out a Jabba the Puppet and it said, “You will get destroyed!!!” Suddenly, a huge robot jumped out at us and all of us (except Pete and Jabba) ran for our lives!

Chapter 11: The meteor

by Gavin

So apparently, Tom and I got kicked out of Burger King for wasting our burgers at a piece of paper, from what the owner said! Suddenly, a robot came and it said, “I will destroy this Burger King!!!” Suddenly, this guy came out from burger king and said, “Don’t think you will destroy this Burger King, robot!” The robot took out this giant hammer. The guy said, “Never underestimate the Dan Mroz!” “Oh great,” I whispered to Tom, “what will that guy do?” Suddenly, Origami Ewoks jumped out of Dan’s pockets, and they said, “summon the meteor!!!” After that, there was a bright red object in the sky, coming straight down at the robot.

Chapter 12: Pete strikes back

by Olivia

We took refuge in a bush, and the robot went away. Just when we thought we were safe, Pete jumped out in the open and tackled Jackson. ” Ha Ha Ha, Origami Yoda will now die!!!” he said. He took out origami Yoda from Jackson’s pocket, and began to rip it. Everyone watched in horror, and an ear got ripped off from origami Yoda. Before Pete could do anything else, my storm trooper jumped out of my pocket, grabbed origami Yoda from Pete, and ran. Pete reached his arm out, and grabbed my storm trooper. Yoda jumped off Pete’s hand and Jackson took his Yoda. I couldn’t look at what was happening next, but I knew my storm trooper was going to die. That’s when we saw the meteor. It landed next to this Burger King, and it crushed Pete’s robot. Pete started raging, and he ran away, with my storm trooper. Everyone was silent.

Chapter 13: What happened next

by Sam

After Pete ran off, we came to the Burger King, to see if the people was okay. They were okay. I met Dan after that. He had an origami Wicket, and an army of Ewoks. He’s also really nice. After some talking, we decided to go back to the party.

Chapter 14: Party time! (not really)

by Zack

When we got back, Mom and Dad was waiting there. Everyone had to leave and Olivia and I were grounded for the rest of the summer! Everyone was so upset at the ninjas, and Liam shot a look at Olivia and I. He had a smirk on his mouth. While everything was happening, Nobody was aware of the Jabba, with glowing red eyes, staring at us in the distance…….

To be continued……..

Ewok instructions coming soon!!!

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    • yeah. Jackson doesn’t know about my awesome plans for book two! You and the other new characters will star in the whole series!

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