The Apprentices (BY JACKSON)

This did not actually happen in the series but is an alternate future in the possibility of Jackson & friends losing the Final Battle.

After The Battle ch 1

by Jackson

After the battle Jacob Minch, Pete, Harvey, and Billy Larry took over the world. They had the Voldemorigami to do a spell that destroyed all adults. Me and my friends went into hiding. But Abigail, Olivia, Zack, Mike, Tom, Tommy, Zach, Kellen, Sara, Gavin, Ashley,DT, Ben, Jake, Jon, and their origami were captured. The only hope was me, Sam, the apprentices, and our army of origami. If you don’t know the aprentices are fourth graders that we’ve been training in the ways of the origami.

The Aprentices ch 2

Their names are Jimmy who has an origami Yoda, Carly has an origami Yaddle, Amanda has an origami Maria Hill, Annie has an origami Wonder Woman, Nathan has an origami Hal Jordan, Greg has an origami Luke Skyfolder, Eugene has an origami Bilbo Baggins, Gabe has an origami Foldo Baggins, Ethan has an origami Superman, Steve has an origami Jon Stewart.


14 thoughts on “The Apprentices (BY JACKSON)

  1. Hey everybody! I am going to give you a few names for the apprentices: Annie, Jimmy, Carley, and Amanda. (Don’t delete this, Jackson.) By the way, Jackson put all my new characters I’m adding to origami epicness in the book! P.S. Abigail also has the fourtune wookie.

    • Well what I think is this is a an alter net time / reality and Annie might hate origami because possibly one of her friends are the evil dudes from so she hates origami because her pals failed. Thats at least what I think.

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