Origami Awesomeness book 3 (BY JACKSON)

Recap Ch 1

by Jackson

OK if you already read Book 2 then you don’t have to read this but if you haven’t…
So this guy named Jacob Minch came and our school burned down. Then this guy who we don’t know saved Jacob from losing a battle against us with a General Creasious. We got  4 new members. Mike, Abigail, Jackie, and John. But Mike left to his old school which I later found out was the same one Jacob was going to and my penpal Tommy was at.

The Penpals Ch 2

by Tommy

In order for the OYCs around the globe to stay safe from emergencies we created The Penpal System. Here’s a list within the US: Me and Jackson. Sara and Olivia. Kellen and Sam. Mike and Abigail. DT and Zack. We warn each other of coming dangers such as Jacob Minch.

The Penpal Letters Ch 3

by Jackson

I was on my email when I got this from Tommy:


Uh Oh I thought. I got my walkie talkie “Calling all OYC members. Calling all OYC members.” I blared through the walkie talkie. “Jackson I hear you” Zack said. “Check your email” I said “OK… no new messages.” he said. “Other members check your emails” I said. “I heard a few “Uh Oh”s. “Jackson we have an emergency… SOS calls everywhere” I heard Pete say.

Billy Larry Ch 4

by Marcus

This guy named Billy Larry took over bullyville. It wasn’t fair! First Jacob, now this! I went from leader to goon in only two seasons.

School Ch 5

by Jackson

I later got another email from Tommy:

School burned down!

Then I heard my Mom say tommorow you go back to school. Since, Tolkien and McQuarrie burned down you are all going to Barnes.

The Next Day Ch 6

by Zack

Finally I got to meet my penpal! When we got there I opened my encyclopedia of bullies: Ducan, Harvey, Jerry, Leo, Marcus, Jacob Minch, Billy Larry. Then I opened up the OYC member encyclopedia: DT, Tyler, Malcolm, (the other Zack was sick), Jackson, Olivia, Dwight, Tommy, Pete, Sam, Me, Abigail, Mike.

Our Plans  Ch 7

by Malcolm

We planned on making an army of Clone Troopers and SHEILD agents. All of the things from Jackson’s treehouse were moved to ours so we had a helicarrier.


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  1. Sure as long as you send me the link. send it to my email. If you don’t know that I have it on both the contests page and the Nick Foldy’s quests page.

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