Origami Coolness Book 1 (BY JACKSON)

Introduction AKA Geeks Ch 1

By Jimmy

Naturally my school is the exact opposite of my older brother, Jackson’s. I’ve been told by him of how much kids in his grade thought origami was stupid. Well, don’t include him and his what… three friends? That’s how we’re different. I have lots of friends. I am not a social outcast. I if anything I am popular. That is some of the things he can never say. Sure we have things in common like we do origami, we are awesome, we are against bullies as there will never be a school without bullies, and finally we are geeks. We are geeks even if we aren’t both credited for it. What does that mean? Well as most think it is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you are smarter than everyone because that’s a nerd. A geek is someone who is into Star Wars, MARVEL, DC, Star Trek, Lego, and Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, or Harry Potter. It’s if you’re addicted to Science Fiction and Fantasy. That’s what geeks are. Anyway back to the story. I have too many friends in my OYC to list because in my school everyone does origami. That’s what led to what seemed to make Mapleton Elementary’s origami to fall. That was our problem.

The Problem Ch 2

By Jimmy

“DUE TO THE AMOUNT OF PAPERWADS LEFT ON THE PLAYGROUND WE ARE NOW TAKING EVERYONE WHOM MAKES PAPERWADS COME TO THE OFFICE DURING RECESS UNTIL THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIGURED OUT IN THE OFFICE.” We heard blare through the loudspeaker during math class. We knew the school’s staff hated origami but his was too far. Our math teacher started yelling about how she had just finally ended victorious. That was cold.

The Office Ch 3

By Carly

Unfortunately for us everyone in our school does origami. So everyone in our school went to the office. Here’s the conversation that went on:

Principal Larry: Who plays on the playground with origami here? (Everyone raised their hands now except for Annie.) What do you do with your paperwads? (Then he paused and everyone else did too) Annie, GET OUT OF MY OFFICE! Back to my question.

Jimmy: Well we play games and challenge new folds. (Jimmy really was going to remain leader in this)

Principal Larry: Well this is how it works. The paperwads are now banned from this school forever. Any found after today will be terminated. That means PAPERSHREDDER FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Jimmy failed the leader thing.

After School Ch 4

By Steve

Me, Carly, and Jimmy went to the playground after school to pick up some origami. We walked up to the mulch area with our origami. Suddenly a Darth Paper jumped out of the mulch and cut off Jimmy’s origami Yoda’s head off. “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” he laughed. Then Jimmy’s mind got taken over by the Darth Paper. Me and Carly ran. Our leader had fallen to the dark side!

Origami Awareness Ch 5

By Tommy

When me, Dwight, Harvey, Jackson, DT, and Sam heard about the troubles of Mapleton Middle School we quickly added them to the penpals and led a group of our elite squad to stop the origami ban. The group included me, Dwight, Jackson, Carly, DT, Sam, and our origami. We went to Mapleton’s office and asked if we could talk to the principal. Nothing really happened except we got banned from there and Carly got suspended. FAIL TOTAL FAIL

Bullyville Ch 6

By Carly

I went to the old warehouse because that’s where Jimmy said he’d be. He had turned to the dark side. His Darth Paper was controlling his mind. Suddenly the warehouse caught on fire! I punched the Darth Paper out of Jimmy’s hands. We ran out.

Darth Paper’s Return Ch 7

By Harvey

I went to the warehouse to start training my new Sith Apprentice, Jimmy. When I got there it was smoking and he was gone! I saw Darth Paper sitting on the ground. I used the force to summon him to me. Darth paper has a new master. It will be known I am rising an army of Darth Papers! Let Jimmy fear Emperor Harvey!!!!!!!!!

Printable Copy: Origami Coolness 1


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