Origami Awesomeness Book 2 (BY JACKSON)

Cover by Zack

Cover by Zack

This Book is not only sequel to Origami Awesomeness Book 1 but also The Papertine Saga. So a big thanks to Origami Yoda Expanded Universe (If you want to read The Papertine Saga first here’s the link The Papertine Saga | Origami Yoda: The Expanded Universe)

The New Students Ch 1

by Jackson

Tomorrow we go back to school. I was looking at the list of new students for this year and something caught my eye. Jacob Minch. Tolkien Middle School welcomes Jacob Minch. I’ve heard that name. I emailed my penpal Tommy about it this is what he sent back.

Stinks to be you.                           From Tommy.

More New Students Ch 2

by Jackson

When we got to school I met some more new kids a lot of them did origami. Here’s a list of who joined the club: a girl named Abigail, a boy named Mike, a boy named Jackie, and a boy named John. What really wowed me was that Dwight Tharpe was at our school and wait for it, hung out with Jacob Minch.

It’s a Trap! Ch 3

by Sam

When I was in my room on my laptop I saw a new email. Yes! I thought. I went on. This is what it said:

I have sent you my Admiral Sackbar for more info. Jacob Minch and Dwight are on the dark side. They are trying to destroy you!!!!! Mike used to got to our school he sent me about it.

I  was so surprised. I  quickly realized I had to tell Zack. I sent him an email.

Trapped! Ch 4

by Admiral Sackbar

When me and Sam got to school the next day we joined Abigail, Zack, and Mike in warning the OYC about the new dangers. Jackson was surprised. “Dwight?” he said. “Yes” I answered. Then since Sam, Abigail, Zack, and Mike are in the same class we walked together. When we reached the hallway Jacob Minch jumped from behind the corner and his Papertine electrocuted me… When I woke up I was in a warehouse Jacob and the bullies were together. “Big Bad Bill, come here.” Jacob said. Big Bad Bill and his Papertine walked forward. “There is only room for one Papertine!” Jacob said as he shoulder rolled forward, took Big Bad Bill’s Papertine, and threw it in a paper shredder. This made me nervous because I was  paper. Jacob walked toward us. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHE” he cackled.

Trying At A Rescue Ch 5

by Jackson

Right as Admiral Sackbar, Sam, Mike, and Abigail left the fire alarm went off. “This is not a drill!” a man came in and yelled. We started smelling smoke. “Run” I yelled. When we got out of the building Me, Olivia, and Pete tried to find the others. we looked forward and saw an origami Kun-Fu Panda. “That way” I yelled. We eventually got into a big warehouse, where Duncan and Jason tackled us to the ground and tied us up.

What Happened Next Ch 6

by Jackson

Later Jacob came toward us and said we were too much of a hinderance for him so he sent us out of the warehouse to which we later realized was bullyville. “Uh oh” Pete said.

Escape! Part 1 Ch 7

by Sam

I saw that Mrs Christene our principal was there. “Give me an A on all my grades or else!!” Jacob yelled. admiral Sackbar took a big bite out of the ropes that binded him. Then he did the same for our’s. We were finally ready to escape!

Escape! Part 2 Ch 8

by Zack

We ran on our tippy toes towards the exit but we couldn’t find it. The bullies started to chase us. We saw Jackson out the window with Pete and Olivia. they started helping us get out and when we finally did the bullies had already gotten there.

The Battle Part 1 Ch 9

by Jackson

When we all got out of the warehouse, Jacob Minch got his Papertine out and the bullies got out there origami. I kept my Emergency Yoda in my pocket. I didn’t feel like making a new one.

The Battle Part 2 Ch 10

by Admiral Sackbar

I didn’t fight in the battle but I stayed in the back and stratigised and eventually we were about to win but a hooded person came and dropped a General Creasious into the battlefield. It quickly saved the bullies but destroyed the other General Creasious. “Wow” Pete said when the bullies ran away.

Billy Larry Ch 11

by Jacob Minch

When Billy came it wasn’t hard to tell who it was. After the battle we made a deal. I would go back to my old school and he would stay here.


by Mike

Later after the battle I told my friends that I’d be going back to my old school. i became Abigail’s penpal so at least I could stay in contact with the OYC.



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