The Origamians 5 (Finish One Saga and Start the Next)


A Battle to Remember

By Batman

Me, Nightwing, Red Robin, Robin, Red Hood, Batwing and Superman were sent to Alvin’s new base in the Archipelago. We charged only to be greeted by an army of Vikings. Than ships from the sky came with more armies. Bane jumped on me from behind. I punched but he caught it in his hand and flung me in the air. Than he caught my arm and used it to smash me into the ground. Nightwing came and distracted Bane while I pulled his super serum out. I called for reinforcements. Enterprise came loaded with the Origamians. Doomsday came down and fought Superman but Hulk came to help. Legolas, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Speedy, Red Arrow, and Steve from Minecraft with his bow were attacking the vikings. Creepers walked up to us. I used my Grapeling Hook to get out of the way. Vikings ran toward the archers. Steve took out a golden sword and continued while the others ran. Lex Luthor shot superman with a kryptonite bullet. I looked in fear. But was interrupted by vikings and stormtroopers. I jumped up and threw batbombs at them. Aragorn was fighting Alvin. Luke Skywalker was fighting Darth Vader. I was fighting the Joker.

What is Going on Outside

By Hiccup

I heard the screams of battle outside. I didn’t have any idea what was going on. Alvin left after awhile and left me with Sinestro. After about ten minutes I heard a big bang in the cells near me. Sinestro got up to see what it was.
I looked up and saw Camicazi in the airvent. I climbed up and closed the door. We left and when I got out I saw war at it’s worst.

Attacking the King

By Camicazi

I was commanded to bring a special team to destroy Alvin. So me, Hiccup, Falcon, Thor, Frodo, and Spiderman. We ran into their base. I stepped forward and suddenly heard a creak underneath my foot.
“Get down!!!!” I yelled.
Everyone layed down right before arrows whizzed around the room. Then as if the arrows weren’t enough the walls started closing in on us. Thor smashed it with his hammer. we continued walking and fought off a couple of guards until we reached Alvin………………………………………..


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