Well Super-Folders post requests for the site here.


21 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Hi super-folders Celine is my sister’s name on my website (the really old one of my sisters) she might appear in later chapters and could become our music director. (wait now reading that comment never mind)

    PS I might have Justin Beiber as your B-day gift in my story. Then have him appear in later chapters as an oficial origami character. (HINT HINT WINK WINK)

  2. First Superfolders let’s hope she’s not coming back on this
    Second She’s pretty old but I won’t say that on the story cuz i think she’s gonna read that
    Third If you are reading this, Celine, only my friends can see it, you’ve got a codename, and you’re only sorta old.

    • sure. I am going 2 add you in the further chapters in origamiepicness. (by the way, there is also other new characters. and origami I made.

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